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Our Team

Peter & Helene Barbour

Lead Pastors

Peter & Helene Barbour

Peter & Helene Barbour have been our pastors since 1981.  They are passionate about the Lord and desire to see an increase in the moving of the Holy Spirit.  “We love the community here at Full Gospel and are blessed to be part of it.”  They have 2 married children and 7 beautiful grandchildren.  Peter likes to work out at the gym, and Helene enjoys long walks and spending time in the garden.

Robin & Ingrid Kent

Youth Pastors

Robin & Ingrid Kent

Robin and Ingrid head up our youth program and are dedicated to love and encourage all the crazy, wonderful kids that come their way.  They are happily married, coffee (Robin) and tea (Ingrid), since 2006. Life is never dull for them with 4 animated and busy kids. The Kents are a fun loving, energetic and authentic crew that love Jesus, and take great joy serving their church family.

Youth Leaders

Jakey & Trudy Thiessen

Jakey and Trudy have been married for 5 amazing years!
They have 2 kids that they absolutely adore, and are training them up to be warriors as sons and daughters of Christ.  They love God and are passionate about seeing lives changed by the grace of God and the working of His Spirit. In our free time, we both enjoy playing sports!

Children’s Ministry

Ben & Shana Miller

Ben and Shana head up the administrative side of our Children’s Ministry. They are committed to providing the materials and support our team members need. Ben and Shana have been married since 2007 and have two creative and energetic girls. They love spending time outdoors camping together in their little pop up trailer.

Worship Team Leader

Sharon McDonald

Sharon loves everything purple and has a huge heart for worship and people.  “I love to worship God and my heart is to raise up worship leaders who worship God in spirit and truth whether they lead worship from the stage or from the congregation.  Sharon has been married to her husband Ted since 1993 and they have one son.  It isn’t unusual to see all three McDonalds on stage worshiping together as part of the team.

Worship Team Leaders

Josh and Judi Milmine

Josh and Judi Milmine make a great team in life, happily married since 2007 and on the stage in worship.  They have been serving on the worship team for many years and love Jesus very much!  When it comes to worship our goal is that of John 12:32, “If I (Jesus) be lifted up, I will draw all men (humanity) unto me.  There is nothing more special than having a heart to heart connection with God through Jesus and how we can know and experience His presence."

When they aren't at church you may find them on a bicycle with the family or at the skate park or soccer field.