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Healing Of Injured Knees

By Aylmer Full Gospel

One lady testified that her knee had been swollen and sore, was prayed for at Church last Sunday and completely healed shortly after. Another lady slipped on ice, fell and injured her knee. It was very painful and she was limping. After prayer at Church she was instantly healed and was jumping and dancing without any pain. God is so good!!

Healing Testimony Of Baby With High Possibility Of Down'S Syndrome

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Lucy-Ann Juru was born yesterday, perfectly healthy and beautiful. Several months ago the doctors told her parents that they should abort the baby as it was well over 90% for certain that she would have Down's syndrome. Her parents chose to trust God and asked for prayer. Another awesome testimony of God's faithfulness and power!! Congrats Stephen & Sharon!!!!

Barrenness - Healing Testimony Of Mennonite Missionaries To Ghana

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Yesterday (Oct 31) we had visitors, who are missionaries to Ghana, visit our church. Apparently they had visited once before approx. 5 years ago. At that time one of our ladies Sharon and a few other ladies prayed with the missionary's wife who told her that they had been trying to have a baby for 9 years with no success. Her womb was closed up. Shortly after their visit to our church, she conceived and gave birth to a heathy baby girl. Now the are the proud parents of 3 beautiful girls and a brand new baby boy!! God is so good and we give Him all the glory!!

Healing Testimony Of Eyes


Nature of illness: headaches after reading and severe decline in eyesight.

I came up to the front for prayer after church. As Pastor Peter was praying for me I began to cry because I could feel God working in my soul and body. I was so overwhelmed by the presence of God that I fell over onto the floor. People continued to pray for me. As a result I can now read without glasses and without getting headaches. I am healed!!

Down'S Syndrome Healing Testimony

By Peter S

Almost two weeks ago one of my fellow workers came into my office (she is about 5 months pregnant) I could see she was upset and asked her what is wrong? She shared that the Doctor had informed her that there was something seriously wrong with her baby (they had found a spinal deformity which causes Down's syndrome) we prayed right then and there and I encouraged her over the next few days that it was God's will that her baby would be born healthy. Encouraged her to ask her husband to lay his hand on her belly and thank the Lord for a healthy baby. This week she had more tests done and they found that the spine is now perfectly normal!!! Praise the Lord.

Since then we have found out she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby and the weight was 7lbs 7 ounces!

Healing Testimony Of Shingles


I went up for prayer on Sunday for shingles that had gone from the top of my leg and continued to spread to my lower back, which caused shooting pains in my hip. I was taking Tylenol 3 all of last week just to get me through my work days. As Peter was praying for me the burning sensation left, the itching stopped on Monday and by Tuesday all signs of shingles are gone! I have not taken ant Tylenol since Sunday morning! God is so good! Wow!

Healing Testimony Of Ocd (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

By Aylmer Full Gospel

A gentleman was invited to attend the Healing Room because of an 18 year bondage to OCD. Within a month of receiving prayer God completely set Him free and he has been free for the last three years. This man suffered greatly and was in the pit of despair resulting in him having trouble believing in God. The following are excerpts of his honest testimony of his healing and search for the truth.
"I don't know exactly what happened that day (I received prayer), but I think about it often. I have changed as a person and am loving and giving to people I meet now that I have been freed from the shackles that bound me. It is my way of "paying it forward". I am naturally a skeptical person so I still do have trouble accepting that I was cured by the hand of God. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but for so long I convinced myself that the whole notion of God was not tenable and I am trying to understand what happened to me. The OCD was an incredible problem for me everyday for 18 years and I just do not know how it just fell away like it did. I am also NOT on any medication to control the OCD, and haven't been since the Healing. I tried so, so many medications none of which worked very well. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I am not in the midst of some wonderful dream. It is a miracle, just an unbelievable and inexplicable event that I have experienced. I guess I am just basking in the sunshine of my life now!! Words cannot express what I am feeling these days!"

Shingles - Healing Testimony

By Steve N

Steve came to us for prayer for shingles. He came to the Healing Room and we saw that he was covered back to front in a firy red outbreak of shingles on his body. His pain was quite extreme most of the time. Shingles can last a long time and are very painful as they affect the nerve endings under the skin, erupting through the skin. After having hands layed on and being prayed for in the Name of Jesus all his shingles were gone by the next day. One little shingle remained for a couple more days and dried up as well. His skin was completely restored to normal. Within the week all the pain was gone as well. Steve has completely recovered and is excited about what God can do through prayer. We serve an amazing, all-powerfull God!

Healing Testimony

By Helene B

Recently, I felt God challenging me to exercise my faith on myself. He had been speaking to me about the power and the authority that we have in the Name of Jesus. How His Name has power over everything. I had a skin tag under my eye (since I was a teenager) and it was growing. I had been thinking about getting it removed. I felt the Lord challenging me to believe Him for it to be removed and that His Name has authority over any sickness or abnormality in our bodies. I layed hands on my eye and commanded the skin tag to be removed in the Name of Jesus. Nothing happened right away so I did it again a couple of days later and maybe one more time. Within a week the skin tag became itchy and when I scratched it it fell right off. It is completely gone. I layed hands on another mole on my face and it has decreased in size by 90% at this point. It is barely noticeble anymore. Truly, with God all things are possible if we believe!

Healing Testimony


Changing our Healing Mind-set
“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” - Colossians 2:8 NAS
“holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power . . . ” - 2 Timothy 3:5 NAS

The modern Pentecostal Movement has a wonderful history of healings. Some scholars say that the ministry of healing began to wane alarmed around the third century, until it was all but lost, only to be picked up again by the Pentecostal movement.

Even so, John G. Lake, an early Pentecostal pioneer, stated that there was so much more in understanding and administering healing which the movement of his day needed to learn. Some seventy plus years later, I am often alarmed by the amount of unbelief among supposed believers in divine healing. All too often there is a form of godliness –, i.e., a doctrinal statement of faith in divine healing – but we, in effect, deny the power of God to perform.

Many Pentecostals and Charismatics have adopted an unbiblical world-view. Since what we believe will affect how we pray for the sick, it is important that we have the biblical perspective of divine healing, and not be deceived by the world. I have seen four unbiblical attitudes many Christians take when praying for the sick, and each is the result of an unbiblical world view.

Instead of Healing Prayers We Only Value Clergy Prayers. Many Christians don’t understand that God wants every Christian healing the sick! Rather, we act as though God only values the prayers of Pastors, and people like Pastors. This attitude is similar to the unbelief of the Jews in Nazareth who didn’t believe one of their own, Jesus, was anointed of God. Jesus said, “a prophet is not without honour except in his hometown, and in his own household.”

Francis MacNutt, a former Roman Catholic priest, and forerunner of the modern Charismatic movement, researched and found that unbelief toward healing began in the third century when the Church stopped believing that every Christian could heal the sick, but instead believed that only priests were able to do so.

Instead of Healing Prayers We Offer Courtesy Prayers. Many Christians know little about dynamic prayer, dominion prayer, and Spirit-empowered prayer, and so only offer courtesy prayers for the sick. Courtesy prayers are for the sake of cultural politeness, without expecting any results. It is much like many who merely ‘say grace’ before a meal without really expressing heartfelt thankfulness. It is a polite thing, and a nice thing to do. It’s good manners to say ‘grace’ and it’s good manners to say a prayer for someone who is sick. For example, when visiting the sick in the hospital it’s only appropriate to conclude the visit with prayer. Unfortunately, it is done out of courtesy but with no intent to heal, nor intent to defeat the sickness. No! Prayer in the hospital, or wherever, ought to be with the intent that the ill person is healed. The worst form of this courtesy prayer is when Christians visit and pray for the terminally ill. In this case, often the visit and prayer is just ‘a visit so we can say “goodbye!”’ How unfortunate! How lifeless! How contrary to the Christian’s mandate to heal the sick! Please! Please! If you hear that I am terminally ill (hypothetically speaking, on this point), don’t come to say, “goodbye,” – come to get me healed!

"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you received, freely give.” - Matthew 10:8

Some worry this attitude toward terminal illness is actually a state of denial. It’s not denial, but it is rooted in a faith which acknowledges that God can do anything. It acknowledges that, where there is breath, there is hope. Many times Jesus arrived either at the last minute, or a minute or two late (or in the case of Lazarus, a day or two late), and performed a miracle.

Instead of Healing Prayers We Offer Coping Prayers. Coping prayers are offered to help a person cope with their sickness. Christians ask God to give the sick His grace in order to endure their sickness. Since illness is a trying time, people want to see their friend or loved one cope through it. Sometimes the concern is for the ability to cope with the side-effects of medications. Regardless, while sincerely offered, such prayer falls short of God’s best – healing.

Again, healing prayer should not be for the sick to cope but that the illness is overcome by God’s power! Sick folk don’t just want to cope with their illness and medications. They want their health back!

Nonetheless, this doesn’t exempt us from supporting the sick until the healing comes. Yes, we ought to be sympathetic, and be an encouragement. Yes, we should try to alleviate their suffering and concerns, some of which might be material or practical. But our primary goal ought to be that we seek God for their recovery. If there is any grace for endurance to be received, then let us pray that we will endure and persevere in our prayers until they are healed!

Instead of Healing Prayers We Offer Character Prayers. The prevalent, and unbiblical belief today, is that God sends us sickness in order to teach us and build character. Christians then pray that character will be built, and lessons learned, through the sickness, rather than prayer to conquer the sickness. To this I say and ask the following:

-The sick should quickly learn their lesson and get better!

-Jesus never refused to heal someone and said that they must learn first.

-This attitude, while appearing righteous, is actually very condemning and judgmental! It is the same attitude displayed by the disciples, in Jn. 9:2 - “who has sinned that this man was born blind.”

-Do we actually think God would afflict someone with terrible cancers and the like? Sadly, we attribute to God, through sickness, such evils that if a person did that to another human being, that person would be charged with abuse or murder.

Somewhere the Church has moved from what Jesus and the early Church taught, that sickness was an enemy to be destroyed, to a belief that sickness is a friend to cosy up to! Yes, if you are willing, you will learn during your sickness, but that isn’t God’s way of doing things.

In considering this thought, observe what happened when Lazarus died, and who learned from it. First, Jesus didn’t rush and heal Lazarus when requested to do so, but waited yet two more days. Second, the ones who learned from this were Mary and Martha, not Lazarus. Also, multitude who witnessed the miracle learned a lesson in faith. Third, Mary and Martha were the only ones given the promise that Christ is the resurrection and the life (Jn. 11:25) and therefore the only ones required to believe. In other words, the onus was not on the sick to believe, but on the intercessors. Finally, Jesus raised Lazarus despite the unbelief of His disciples and Lazarus’ family!

What Does the Scripture Teach about Healing? The following may be seen as what scripture teaches in regard to sickness and healing, and it is this we need to receive as our world-view, not the traditions of man.

Jesus treated sickness as an enemy. The New Testament is the final and most clear revelation of God, and more can be learned from how Jesus treated sickness, than any other part of the Bible.

Jesus commanded us to heal the sick. James gave instructions on how to heal the sick within the church setting, so it must have been expected that we do it, and that it happen.

Jesus promised that healing would occur as we obeyed His command. If we lay hands on the sick, they will recover!

Jesus provided healing through His death on the Cross. He died for our sicknesses as well as our sins! He is willing to forgive our sins and deliver us from them, and He is willing to heal our sicknesses too!

As Christians, we need to know the Word of God and reject the false mind-set of the world. As well, we need to live the Word of God even as God has called us to do!