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Healing Of Injured Shoulder And Lump In Breast

By Robin Annen

First time I volunteered at the church I strained my right shoulder, it continued to get worse after I became the custodian.
I received prayer at the church a number of times and then at the healing room 3 or 4 times. While cleaning the windows at the church (a job that aggravated my shoulder every week) I realized my shoulder didn't hurt, not at all. I still have no pain at all in that shoulder.

Last week I noticed a lump in my right breast last week, it was very painful. I received prayer on Sunday for it and it seemed to feel better, but then I realized the lump had moved over about 2-3 inches. I received prayer again on Wed night after bible study and I would say it was 90% improved that night. After receiving prayer at the Healing Room It was 100% gone.

Healing Of Knees

By Norma Small

I had pain in both knees making it difficult to go up and down stairs. After I was prayed for by my Pastor and his wife and some other members of the Church, all the pain left my knees. Now I can run up and down the stairs without any pain. I praise the Lord for healing me!

Leg Lengthened

By Judi Milmine

Judi came up for prayer for her knees. They were painful as she runs a lot. After laying hands on her knees the pain left her knees but the pain moved to her lower back. When we checked her legs we noticed her left leg was about a quarter inch shorter then her right. We commanded the hips and leg to come in alignment and when we checked her legs again they were both the same length. She experienced a tingling in the affected areas and some movement in her left hip. We thank God for healing her knees! He is mighty! ***Since then, Judi has ran a half marathon and experience NO PAIN at all in her knees!! Praise be to God!!!

Arthritis In Neck

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Mrs. F. had arthritis in her neck which made it very painful for her to turn her neck. After prayer she was able to turn her neck without any problems.. She testified that there was great improvement!

Healing Of Injured Knees

By Aylmer Full Gospel

One lady testified that her knee had been swollen and sore, was prayed for at Church last Sunday and completely healed shortly after. Another lady slipped on ice, fell and injured her knee. It was very painful and she was limping. After prayer at Church she was instantly healed and was jumping and dancing without any pain. God is so good!!

Healing Testimony Of Baby With High Possibility Of Down'S Syndrome

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Lucy-Ann Juru was born yesterday, perfectly healthy and beautiful. Several months ago the doctors told her parents that they should abort the baby as it was well over 90% for certain that she would have Down's syndrome. Her parents chose to trust God and asked for prayer. Another awesome testimony of God's faithfulness and power!! Congrats Stephen & Sharon!!!!

Barrenness - Healing Testimony Of Mennonite Missionaries To Ghana

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Yesterday (Oct 31) we had visitors, who are missionaries to Ghana, visit our church. Apparently they had visited once before approx. 5 years ago. At that time one of our ladies Sharon and a few other ladies prayed with the missionary's wife who told her that they had been trying to have a baby for 9 years with no success. Her womb was closed up. Shortly after their visit to our church, she conceived and gave birth to a heathy baby girl. Now the are the proud parents of 3 beautiful girls and a brand new baby boy!! God is so good and we give Him all the glory!!

Healing Testimony Of Eyes


Nature of illness: headaches after reading and severe decline in eyesight.

I came up to the front for prayer after church. As Pastor Peter was praying for me I began to cry because I could feel God working in my soul and body. I was so overwhelmed by the presence of God that I fell over onto the floor. People continued to pray for me. As a result I can now read without glasses and without getting headaches. I am healed!!

Down'S Syndrome Healing Testimony

By Peter S

Almost two weeks ago one of my fellow workers came into my office (she is about 5 months pregnant) I could see she was upset and asked her what is wrong? She shared that the Doctor had informed her that there was something seriously wrong with her baby (they had found a spinal deformity which causes Down's syndrome) we prayed right then and there and I encouraged her over the next few days that it was God's will that her baby would be born healthy. Encouraged her to ask her husband to lay his hand on her belly and thank the Lord for a healthy baby. This week she had more tests done and they found that the spine is now perfectly normal!!! Praise the Lord.

Since then we have found out she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby and the weight was 7lbs 7 ounces!

Healing Testimony Of Shingles


I went up for prayer on Sunday for shingles that had gone from the top of my leg and continued to spread to my lower back, which caused shooting pains in my hip. I was taking Tylenol 3 all of last week just to get me through my work days. As Peter was praying for me the burning sensation left, the itching stopped on Monday and by Tuesday all signs of shingles are gone! I have not taken ant Tylenol since Sunday morning! God is so good! Wow!