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About Us

Aylmer Full Gospel Church is a thriving multi-cultural congregation whose aim is to bring renewal to our area though dynamic worship and personal outreach. Teaching and sermons are relevant and we offer something for every member of the family. Please consider growing with us as we pursue what God is doing in our generation.

A Brief History

Aylmer Full Gospel Church was birthed during what has been called “The Latter Rain” revival, in the 1940’s. During that time God moved powerfully through this church, with many coming to Christ, many being filled with His Spirit, and a number of physical healings occurring. Indeed, the surrounding communities were also impacted by the move of God in Aylmer. In those early days quite a number of individuals were called into ministry and left the church for pastorates in Canada and the United States, as well as to foreign missions.

After a time, the Latter Rain revival fires waned and the church here continued, but without the same fervor nor impact. Even so, young people continued to pursue Bible Colleges and pastoral ministry elsewhere. However, although the revival Full Gospel was birthed in diminished, it remained a part of our DNA and the hunger for the moving of God remained.

In 1981, Peter and Helene Barbour became the pastors of Aylmer Full Gospel. God had a plan for them, and the church. In January of 2001, the Lord began to move in very sovereign way and new life, power, and enthusiasm were imparted to the congregation. The grace and Father heart of God were revealed in a fresh way . The Lord continues to move among us, the church is growing in many areas, and we expect Him to move even more powerfully in the near future! We feel that our church motto, “Living in His grace – Walking in His power” aptly describes who we are, and how we desire to grow in the future.