Symptoms of Asthma Healed
By Stella M

Healing Testimony:

In the month of May, after a prolonged cold, my two-year-old Chris, had an episode of breathing issues and had to be rushed to the ER in the middle of the night. The doctors gave him a lot of inhalers and sent us home with some more. They said at the time that they couldn’t diagnose him with asthma, that it might just be a one-time thing.

After this I went into a very dark place emotionally. I was constantly worried that my child would develop asthma. I was constantly looking at him, listening to him breathe, so much so that I couldn’t sleep at night. I was a wreck and it only got worse. We ended up going to the ER about three more times within two months, two out of those times I was told I had nothing to worry about, that they still couldn’t say it was asthma. Finally, they prescribed a daily inhaler treatment for him, and my family doctor arranged for us to meet with an asthma specialist.

After meeting with this specialist and answering a lot of questions, she again said that she couldn’t say 100% that it was asthma, but she prescribed a different inhaler for the next three months.

All this time I was praying and asking God to teach me about healing. I remember I called Pastor Peter in May, and he prayed for me and my child and declared that he would not have asthma. Even though the battle would continue after this, I was greatly encouraged by that call.

My child was ok. He was thriving. The last time I gave him a puff was in the beginning of July I believe. On the 3rd of August, I threw the entire bag of inhalers away. To this day, my child is still thriving, jumping up and down, running around and breathing fine! Halleluiah!!!

Anxiety and Insomnia Healed!
By Helene B

A lady from our church had bad attacks of anxiety and fear at night.  This caused her to not be able to go to sleep for most of the night, causing fatique and more anxiety.

The following is the testimony we received after having prayer with her.

Thanks for joining with me in taking authority over that spirit of anxiety affecting my sleep. 

When I went to bed last night I put on an episode of Sid Roth on my cell phone and I don’t think I heard 5 minutes of it before I was asleep. I did wake up once and put it on again, and again I went to sleep almost immediately and I slept till my alarm woke me up this morning. 
It showed me how much we need the body of Christ when we have problems. Alone, I struggled but when I called in reinforcements the victory was easy. 
Thanks again and God bless you. 


Back of Knee Healed

A lady was healed from a very painful spot behind the knee.  It was difficult to walk as the bones would grind. After receiving prayer all the pain was gone, and a week later she was walking like normal again with no symptoms at all. Praise be to God!!

Lower Back Pain Gone!

In the past 3 and half months i have suffered severe pain in my lower back/ trochanter on the left side. Sleeping was difficult. Getting out of the car after driving only a short distance was very painful.
Standing in one spot would make my legs go numb.
Just over a week ago it started on my right side.
No pain pills helped.
Some stretching would relieve it a bit for a little bit.
Chiropractic care did not help.
Yesterday at church, Pastor Peter prayed for me.
I still had a bit of pain. We had lunch at church after eating getting up from my chair i had no pain, and the half hour drive home i had no difficulty getting out of the car.
Sleeping last night was amazing.

Isaiah 53:5
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.

Freedom From the Pain of Losing a Baby
By Elsie H

I was 17 when Jake and I expected our first baby. We lived in Belize at the time. Due to a lot of complications the baby was born premature at about 27 weeks.
He was exactly 3 lbs when he was born. He had all the complications that a preemie has. The hospital was not prepared to deal with preemies.

Because he was premature the Dr would not allow me to hold our baby. They believed that I should not form an attachment to this baby. This was also what my mom believed and all the people in the community that we lived in.
There was also a general belief that if you must have committed a grievous sin prior to that.

Our baby lived for 13 hours. The burial was the next day. We went to the cemetery and buried him. Only family was there.

The next Jake went back to work. My mom came over that day and told me that now it is over and I should never speak of it again.

Jake and I were both hurting really bad. Instead of reaching out to each other we withdrew from each other. We never spoke of it again. I tried my best to put it behind me. I never went out for fear of crying in public. So I was always alone.

Jake and I drifted so far apart. Jake drowned his pain by working non stop. I’d became severely depressed and angry. The fact that I was never able to hold our baby was extremely painful to me. I was also angry at God for taking Joey (his name is Joseph Peter) away from us.

So last week in SOZO I came face to face with all the pain grief and anger that I buried for so many years. I was able to forgive all the people involved. I let go of the fierce anger inside of me.

And then in Jesus’s great mercy he allowed me to hold Joey for a while and say goodbye to him. Jesus also told me that Joey’s death was not a punishment but a result of sin and sickness in this world.

Now for the first time in my life I can think of Joey with a smile. I still miss him like crazy and I wish he was here with us. But I now have a good memory of holding him. Loving him… the reason I share this because I want the experience to be real. For so long I was never able to talk about it. There were times when it almost felt like it was not real and just a hellish nightmare. I want the memory of holding him to be real. I want the forgiveness to be real. And I want to walk out the freedom that I received.