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Baby Healed of Severe UTI

By Chris M

God is so good!!
Late last week we woke up and were concerned that Amari had another urinary tract infection. She was acting ok but her urine was super cloudy, sorry if that is TMI. We went to the paediatrician and the did a strip test that confirmed she had a UTI. There is one thing that shows up on the strip that only shows up when a UTI is present and it came up positive right away. I was a little frustrated because this would be her 3rd in the last month. They had to send the sample out for cultures to know what bacteria to treat. When we left we all started praying, especially our sweet Emily. We got people at church and family praying. All of a sudden we noticed Amari's urine was getting clearer, within 24hrs. By Sunday her urine was completely clear. Well we got a call today from the paediatrician saying they were dumbfounded but some how the cultures came back completely clear of any bacteria. There was no way that could happen with the strip reading a positive....BUT IT DID!!!
Our God is a God of miracles!! Thank you JESUS for making the impossible possible!!!

Healing of Elbow and Wrist

By Ron B

I have had a couple of healings recently at AFG, one healing involved a tennis elbow condition (to give it a name), swelling of the elbow and ongoing pain. This condition continued for 3-4 months. I received prayer at church on a Sunday, and do not have any symptoms in my elbow.

Another healing I received was my right-hand wrist was very painful for a week. I went to chiropractor, he reset bones in my wrist and I was fine for a few days. Then the pain returned. I was at AFC on a Sunday, received prayer for healing and I could feel 3 definate pops shortly after prayer. And a new full healing was mine! Thanks AFG, Ron.

Healing of Wrist

By Marlene B

I do repetitive work and use my hands a lot. I'm a hairdresser, my wrists were very sore, I was wondering how I would be able to continue working. I asked for prayer a few times. That was a few months ago. I have no pain in my wrists. By the stripes of Jesus I am healed

Healing of Hip

By Marlene B

For over a year, I could not lay on my side, it hurt. When I would roll over to give my husband a kiss goodnight it hurt. I went forward for prayer after hearing a testimony of healing. It's been about three months and I have no pain in my side. I give God praise

Healing of Rheumatoid Arthritis

By Beatrice M

The family of Sheena Manonga would like to thank the entire church congregation for their outpouring of prayers during the difficult time that Sheena was barely able to walk and suffering from an excruciating pain on her bilateral lower and upper extremities. During Sheena's difficult time, the doctor's were suspecting that Sheena was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis because of the symptoms she was experiencing at that time, as well as her complete blood work was showing extremely high inflammation in her blood system. With that being said, we followed up with the Rheumatologist. The Rheumatologist had done a complete head to toe physical assessment on Sheena and could not find anything that concerns her regarding Sheena's health. She decided to redo Sheena's blood work on June 19th 2015. We followed up with the Rheumatologist on July 10th 2015. We are so glad to let you know that on July 10th, Sheena's complete blood work came out amazing with all negative results for inflammation or any sort of abnormality for any sort of a disease. Our entire family feels blessed beyond measure. A special thank you to Pastor Peter and Helene for an outstanding and dedicated prayers for Sheena.

Thank you once again for your outpouring prayers. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

Yours sincerely

Tobias, Beatrice, Sheilla and Sheena Manonga.

healing of High Blood Pressure

By Elfie R

A few months ago I was troubled by very high blood pressure. The symptoms I experienced were that I couldn’t sleep at night and I felt very on edge and tense. I came for prayer and God touched me. That night and subsequent nights I slept well. I felt much calmer and relaxed and knew my blood pressure was in the normal range.

Lately I experienced another spike in blood pressure and came up for prayer after church. Again God touched me and my blood pressure came under control. I thank the Lord that I belong to a church that believes in healing prayer.

Lump Disappears

By Helene B

Annie came for prayer at church for a golfball-sized lump in her breast. Shad had mammograms and ultrasounds and everything showed there was a lump. Even on Friday the lump was still there and the doctors ordered a biopsy for Monday.
I will let her share her testimony!
"Hey, I want to praise Jesus, and testify that my Jesus still heals today, because Jesus healed me on Monday. The Doctor found a lump in my breast 2 months ago. They were going to do a biopsy on Monday. The doctor could not find it. Three times he asked me where was it and I said: "right there." He looked at me and said there is nothing there now. I started crying and all I could say was thank you Jesus. And the nurse said you sure have an angel watching over you. Hallelujah. Praise you Jesus.

Tennis Elbow

By Joy Christian

After suffering with pain in my right arm for about 5 months. I had prayer when the Barbours came to visit our church. That afternoon I noticed the pain subside, I honestly have not been through the pain since. This summer has been about 6 months. I am actively working and use my arms with no trouble. Thank you Lord, I believe in prayer.

Kidney Stones Healed

By Ken Bucke

On January 2, I went into the E.R because I had blood in my urine. They said I had an infection in my bladder, and gave me antibiotics and sent me home. On Friday, January 3, I woke up with pain in my side, by 11 o'clock I could not move it was so severe. They did another sample of urine and still found blood in it, and my pain so bad they could not touch it. I was on pain shots from 11 till 3:15 in order to keep my pain under control. At that point I called Pastor Peter and told him of my pain, and ask if he would pray for me. He prayed that God would take away my pain and heal me completely, by faith I believed it would happen. About 15 minutes after the prayer I realized I had no more pain, and the doctor came in and could touch my body and it did not hurt she was amazed. They also took a sample of my urine and there was absolutely not a trace of blood to be seen. They thought I might have a kidney stone, so they did a CAT scan. But when the results came back there was absolutely none there

They kept me there for about two hours longer to make sure that it did not come back, but we have a miracle working healing God and I am so pleased. Jesus said by my stripes we are healed, I praise God for the Cross every day.

This just shows us that we need to turn to God for all our needs, healing, finances, and all our needs.

Bladder Cancer Healed

By admin

A lady came to church for the first time in many years. She had cancer in her body and lumps in her breasts. Her diagnosis was not good. After coming up for prayer she was strongly touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. She believed she was completely healed.
She again asked for prayer when she had to go for follow up tests. All the results came back negative saying SHE HAD NO CANCER IN HER BODY! All glory to God!!