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torn rotator cuff healed

By Norma S

Norma asked for prayer because she had a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. The doctors prognosis was that depending on the size of the tear she would need surgery or at the very least physio therapy. After asking for prayer at church and coming in agreement with the word of God, all pain left and she was able to move her arm and shoulder freely without any pain. Praise God!

Heart Condition Healed

By Sara Bergen

My testimony of God's powerful healing
My family has a history of heart conditions. My mom began treatment for her heart when sh was in her thirties. I was diagnosed with a heart condition about five years ago when I went in for a check up. A few months ago my Doctor booked me for a series of heart tests, the results came back and showed that my heart condition was getting worse. My Doctor booked an appointment with a heart specialist telling me it was time to begin treatment. Shortly after she booked my appointment with the specialist Pastor Peter called people forward in church who had heart conditions and prayed over them. I went forward for prayer. Last month I began seeing the heart specialist and he ran a series of tests most of them I had already done for my family Doctor. He had the results from those tests. When my test results came in from the heart specialist they all came back negative. I have no heart condition. I went in for consultation and the specialist was so baffled over his tests results. He told me that there had to have been a problem with the test results from St Thomas Hospital or posibbly his tests. He called a nurse in and asked her to do a few tests that could be done in his office just to double check. The tests showed again that I have no heart condition at all. He told me it was an embarsment to his practice. He booked more tests for me to do in January. I know that God healed my heart condition that Sunday morning during prayer. I could feel it when my heart was not working right, I would get very tired and if I over worked or pushed myself I would have pains in my chest. All of those symtons are gone. Praise God I have a new heart. I look forward to having more tests done in January for I know they will all come back negative. Praise God for His powerful healing!!

Painful Misaligned Jaw

By Josh Milmine

For three weeks Josh suffered from a misaligned jaw which caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. He was only able to use 1/4 of his mouth to chew. On Sunday, while worshiping and entering into the powerful presence of God, his jaw was spontaneously healed! He tried maneuvering his mouth around to see if there was even a little pain but found he was and still is completely pain-free!
Amazing God!

Tendon Torn from Bone Healed

By Peter B

On April 19th of this year I accidentally damaged my right index finger, tearing the tendon from the bone. The tip of the finger would just hang and I was not able to bend or straighten it. At that time I visited two doctors, first at a walk-in clinic in another community, and days later my family physician. Both said that I would require surgery to fix it. X-rays were taken and the results forwarded to a surgeon. The two doctors also said I’d need to keep a splint on it for six weeks as not to injure it any further. Due to some scheduling issues, the surgery was postponed and I finally saw the surgeon on July 8, nearly 12 weeks later. During that waiting time I lost mobility and flexibility for the entire finger. It was difficult to do many things, since it is a primary finger for a right-handed person. I had to learn to do things with other fingers (i.e., typing) and with the other hand. However, I continued to pray and believed that the longer it took, the more time I had to pray. I felt joy whenever I prayed for this finger to be healed, and determined that healing would be the first option in my heart and not allow my faith to rest in what surgery could accomplish. Still, I followed through on the direction of the doctor. On July 8 I visited the surgeon who clearly said I did not need surgery! He said it would take up to 6 months for the swelling to go down and flexibility to return, but within a week much of the inflexibility was gone and I began to use that finger as normally as before!
I know that God has answered my prayers and completely healed my finger!

Troubled Pregnancy Healed

By Meta & Grace

Two ladies from our church prayed for a lady who had a lot of trouble with her pregnancy. They dealt with a lot of unforgiveness, some memories came up, but she heard a lot of good words from Father God. She believed a lot of lies and every time when we dealt with a lie we asked "what is the truth?". One of the good things she heard was that Father God wanted to be her Protector. That was huge for her, because she's never protected by her parents.
At the end we prayed for physical healing. We prayed for her and her baby which she expects in 2 months. The doctor's had told her that her life was in danger and also that of her baby. They'd said you need to make a choice between your life or the babies life. She told us that she wanted her baby to live. Her heart condition isn't good, the blood flow towards the baby isn't good, and they also had told her that their was something blocking the flow of blood to her limbs. We broke off the report of the doctor, and prayed for her. On Friday she went to see the doctor and the report wasn't good yet. Prayed again and on Monday she wrote to me: Hi I'm still at the doctor's but so far they're saying my heart is stable and the baby should be ok. Then she went to the next doctor, I might be able to have a normal delivery, she wrote, they can't see anything wrong right now but I have one more doctor to see. The next report: It's so weird they can't see anything going wrong now. But I am not out of the woods, but my heart doctor is pleased. Then she wrote: I should pull through this pregnancy ok. There's no more threat with me dying. Thank You Jesus. Then she wrote: Wow baby is good, there is nothing to worry about with the baby. The last message she wrote was this: The Lord is good. This is amazing. A blessing from God. I thought I would never heard news like this. I am jumping for joy. Yes. thank You Jesus.

From hopelessness to see the goodness and greatness of our God.

Leg Lengthened


At the Youth Conference a young man asked for prayer for one leg that was about a full inch shorter then the other, causing pain in the hip. Within a minute of prayer the leg was completely equal with the other! God is amazing!
One young man's knee had been injured as a result of skateboarding. His knee was also completely healed and all pain gone!

Healing of ITP

By Helene

Our 3 granddaughter became ill with a cold virus. Her immune system began attacking the blood cells and soon her blood platelets were extremely low. she was at 3.000 (normal range is 140.000 - 450.000) The result was her blood couldn't clot and she began to bleed. She became critical when her cells dropped to 2.000. At this stage it was difficult for transfusions as her veins were collapsing and the doctors were not sure if her little body would accept or reject so much foreign blood. With much strategic prayer by her parents, grandparents and many people all over the world who supported this little girl in prayer she started clotting and was able to receive several transfusions.
The doctors projected she would be in the hospital at least 5-7 days and she came home in 2 days!
The doctors also projected she would need 2-6 months recovery period and she has recovered in 13 days! At that point her blood platelets were already over 100,000 again.
We give God all the glory and are thankful for everyone who stopped to pray for her.

cysts disappeared and rosacea healed

By Sukhwinder Chahal

Testimonial..I am a forty year old female and want desperately to get married and have children. When I get discouraged I turn to God. My faith was at an all time low when I went to the doctors for a check up in early June and realized I had two cysts on my ovaries. The one on the right side was big and I was told that it was probably cancerous. More tests had to be done to determine a biopsy date. I wanted to just throw in the towel..forget about prayer...I was so angry! I turned to God for a healing and worked on keeping faith. On June 23rd Helene and peter prayed over me. Helene put her hand over my ovaries and asked that the lord make the cysts fall off. i felt a warm did Helene. Today (mid July) my tests results came in and my doctor told me that my cysts were completely gone. I thanked God ..God is good and he does work miracles. I am proof of those of miracles. i know he cleared my ovaries for good things to come!!!!!

July 17Sukhwinder Chahal
I have also had Roscea for years. it has plagued me...It would creep up at the most inopportune times. It would show up at job interviews< making me appear nervous. It would be hard to meet people afraid that the constant blush would creep up. the more I was aware of it and others were..the worse it became. Peter and Helene did a healing session for me. It was not over night but my face would start to feel cooler. Anyone that has not had roscea cannot realize the discomfort. the often burning sensation and pain. A year later I noticed huge changes. my face was not turning red when i spoke in front of an audience or met new people. I felt confident for the first well ..forever. I signed up for a clinical lab that tested for Roscea and helped with a new medical treatment used to help Roscea patients. imagine my surprise after a thorough analysis when the doctor said..are you sure you have ever had roscea?? there is absolutely no trace of it not even a hint. are you sure you weren't misdiagnosed. i told him three doctors had diagnosed with Roscea and have never been able to help. He said well i don't know what to say accept you have no trace of it now! That is God at work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Gold Tooth

By Tendai K.

God is so good, when Pastor Peter was talking about John's fillings turning into gold it's something that I didn't think would happen to me BUT our God is amazing. When Pastor Peter said he would pray for it to happen again, I believed in my heart and had the faith that it would happen to me as well, when we were going home with my husband I decided to look in the mirror to see if anything had happened and to my amazement....MY FILLING IS NOW GOLD, it used to be dark grey but the Lord changed it. We are seeing signs and wonders in our church and I am believing for more, this is so exciting, God is good, He is so good!!

Jaw, Hip Healed and a Gold Tooth!

By John & Robin Annen

The first night at our Pursuit Conference, Will Hart started calling out words of knowledge. He called out '''''right jaw pain and realignment" and "right hip pain that clicks". Both were afflicting me and both were healed immediately.

My husband came to me a couple of days after the conference and asked me to look in his mouth because his teeth felt funny and he thought there was a funny metallic taste in his mouth. I could hardly believe it but his one large filling on the bottom right side was gold in colour and really smooth and polished. We got a flash light and investigated further and it was definitely different. We checked again the next day and it looked even more gold in colour. Every day we check and it gets more gold and shiny every time! Our first gold tooth in our church!!