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Plugged Ear Healed

By Robin A.

I have had a plugged ear for days and having to listen to my heart thumping in that ear as well. Fernando had a word for ringing in the ears tonight at bible study and prayed for that person to be healed and I said "I'm going to receive that as well." Fernando prayed for my ear to be healed and the ear instantly cleared and the heart beat in the ear went away! Praise God!
Robin Annen

Lump in Breast Healed

By Aylmer Full Gospel

We received a written doctor's report from Joanne H. (from our Church). The report says that she had a good size lump in her breast. Previously she already had surgery for breast cancer. She received prayer at our church and a few months later went back to the surgeon. He did more testing and found that there were NO lumps and the written report says there are no abnormalities in the breast! Wow!! Awesome God!!!!

Skin Cancer Being Healed

By Aylmer Full Gospel

A gentleman and his family visited our church this summer while camping in the area. One could tell he had skin cancer on his face. He had never before received prayer with the laying on of hands. While sitting in a teaching session on healing, faith was sparked in his heart to receive prayer. He emailed us recently that the cancer had not only stopped growing but is significantly shrinking! Keep praying for total victory over cancer in this man! God is truly amazing!!

Shunt Disappears

By Aylmer Full Gospel

Another lady came to church as she had a cancerous tumour on her kidney. She only had one kidney as the other one had been removed when she was a child. The remaining kidney had a shunt to help with drainage. She was prayed for and she fell down under the power of God. She was down on the floor for 15 minutes or so and she received a huge miracle. She went home and slept for 3 days as she had not been sleeping because she had so much pain. All the pain was gone. She went back to the dr and requested more tests. The new tests revealed that the tumour on her kidney was completely gone but also the shunt in her kidney was gone!! He was completely dumbfounded as to how it had disappeared! All glory goes to God who does abundantly more then we can ask or think!!

Healing Of Cancerous Tumours

By Aylmer Full Gospel

A lady came to the Healing Room for pryer as she had a cancerous tumour on her kidney and was scheduled for surgery. The prayer team felt impressed to pray for the tumour to shrivel up and dry up. The lady did not request another test and had the surgery. When she recovered the surgeon came to her and said he was very surprised. When he went to remove the tumour from the kidney, it was completely shriveled up and dry and he was able to scratch it of with his finger and it fell right off. No incisions were made into the kidney and no cancer was found. Praise be to God who is well able and wiling to heal us from all our diseases.

Healing Of Curvature Of The Spine

By Aylmer Full Gospel

A young boy came to the Healing Room with curvature of the spine. When we prayed for him he felt different sensations in his back. (heat, tingling and movement). He thought it was pretty cool! A few weeks later the doctor checked him out and reported that the spine has completely straightened at the top and greatly improved at the bottom!! Awesome God!!

Arthritis - Osteo In Spine And Joints

By Aylmer Full Gospel

As Pastor Peter was praing for me I felt a click in my knee and it popped into place. Then I felt a pillar of strngth come down all around me and at the same time strength was inside me. This happened on April 22, 2011 Good Friday Service. I was able to stretch out my leg for the first time in over a year!! Joanne Haywood

Healing Of Back, Hip And Foot Injuries

By George H

I've been having problems with my right foot for about 10 years. I worked at a factory and walking around on cement floors and pulling heavy weight all day was hard on it. I ended up with a limp if I didn't take it easy. Years later I wanted to get into running. I went to a chiropractor and he told me the problems I was having were back related. He worked on me twice and it got better. I went out to get $150 shoes and started running. Now my hip was bothering me.

I went to Pastor Barbour to have my foot healed, to be prayed for and the laying on of hands. When I left his home It seemed to me the Lord directed attention to my torso area. I talked to my mom about these things and she told me about an accident I was in as a boy. it had something to do with my back. I've also heard via radio about problems associated with back problems. I called Pastor Barbour again, went back and he and wife Helene prayed for me.

Before I left, Helene told me not to be afraid to try it out. I'm usually quite cautious about these things. On my walk home, I tried it (running) out a little, and I felt like doing more but decided to wait until morning.

Next morning I tried it out and it fell really nice. Usually I'd immediately get a very sharp pain, but this time it felt as though it wanted more. I ran again and it feels fine. I'm back to doing what I enjoy. Thanks be to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Glory be to God.

Healing Of Injured Shoulder And Lump In Breast

By Robin Annen

First time I volunteered at the church I strained my right shoulder, it continued to get worse after I became the custodian.
I received prayer at the church a number of times and then at the healing room 3 or 4 times. While cleaning the windows at the church (a job that aggravated my shoulder every week) I realized my shoulder didn't hurt, not at all. I still have no pain at all in that shoulder.

Last week I noticed a lump in my right breast last week, it was very painful. I received prayer on Sunday for it and it seemed to feel better, but then I realized the lump had moved over about 2-3 inches. I received prayer again on Wed night after bible study and I would say it was 90% improved that night. After receiving prayer at the Healing Room It was 100% gone.

Healing Of Knees

By Norma Small

I had pain in both knees making it difficult to go up and down stairs. After I was prayed for by my Pastor and his wife and some other members of the Church, all the pain left my knees. Now I can run up and down the stairs without any pain. I praise the Lord for healing me!