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Healing Testimony Of Ocd (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

By Aylmer Full Gospel

A gentleman was invited to attend the Healing Room because of an 18 year bondage to OCD. Within a month of receiving prayer God completely set Him free and he has been free for the last three years. This man suffered greatly and was in the pit of despair resulting in him having trouble believing in God. The following are excerpts of his honest testimony of his healing and search for the truth.
"I don't know exactly what happened that day (I received prayer), but I think about it often. I have changed as a person and am loving and giving to people I meet now that I have been freed from the shackles that bound me. It is my way of "paying it forward". I am naturally a skeptical person so I still do have trouble accepting that I was cured by the hand of God. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but for so long I convinced myself that the whole notion of God was not tenable and I am trying to understand what happened to me. The OCD was an incredible problem for me everyday for 18 years and I just do not know how it just fell away like it did. I am also NOT on any medication to control the OCD, and haven't been since the Healing. I tried so, so many medications none of which worked very well. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I am not in the midst of some wonderful dream. It is a miracle, just an unbelievable and inexplicable event that I have experienced. I guess I am just basking in the sunshine of my life now!! Words cannot express what I am feeling these days!"

Shingles - Healing Testimony

By Steve N

Steve came to us for prayer for shingles. He came to the Healing Room and we saw that he was covered back to front in a firy red outbreak of shingles on his body. His pain was quite extreme most of the time. Shingles can last a long time and are very painful as they affect the nerve endings under the skin, erupting through the skin. After having hands layed on and being prayed for in the Name of Jesus all his shingles were gone by the next day. One little shingle remained for a couple more days and dried up as well. His skin was completely restored to normal. Within the week all the pain was gone as well. Steve has completely recovered and is excited about what God can do through prayer. We serve an amazing, all-powerfull God!

Healing Testimony

By Helene B

Recently, I felt God challenging me to exercise my faith on myself. He had been speaking to me about the power and the authority that we have in the Name of Jesus. How His Name has power over everything. I had a skin tag under my eye (since I was a teenager) and it was growing. I had been thinking about getting it removed. I felt the Lord challenging me to believe Him for it to be removed and that His Name has authority over any sickness or abnormality in our bodies. I layed hands on my eye and commanded the skin tag to be removed in the Name of Jesus. Nothing happened right away so I did it again a couple of days later and maybe one more time. Within a week the skin tag became itchy and when I scratched it it fell right off. It is completely gone. I layed hands on another mole on my face and it has decreased in size by 90% at this point. It is barely noticeble anymore. Truly, with God all things are possible if we believe!

No Amniotic Fluid In Womb

By Aylmer Full Gospel

At approximately 20 weeks pregnant Bradley's Mom, Sue, received word that due to her extremely high blood pressure they would need to terminate her pregnancy within hours to maximum a couple of days. As well, they found, that Sue had no amniotic fluid (not even a little pocket) and the baby had stopped growing and developing 2 weeks prior. As there was no fluid the little lungs would not be able to develop. After prayer, the blood pressure came down and amniotic fluid developed and baby started growing again. His heart was strong and he grew well. Sue strongly believed that God would give her a miracle baby! Baby Bradley was born strong at 33 weeks being 2 pounds 11 ounces on Sep. 22. He was able to breath on his own and only needed a feeding tube to preserve his strength. How amazing for a 2 pounder to breath on his own when originally his lungs were not developing!! Only God can do such miracles! Baby Bradly is now a whopping 5 pounds and 3 ounces and ready to come home!! Ken and Sue thank God for their Miracle Baby!!

Premature Labour And Dialation

By Aylmer Full Gospel

While visiting Baby Bradley's mom at the hospital, another lady in the same room asked for prayer as well. Angela was less then 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and had constant contractions and a fully dialated cervix. She was at severe risk of loosing one or both the babies. After prayer the contractions stopped and Angela noticed a distinct difference in her pregnancy. She felt an angel was holding the babies in the womb! Angela was thrilled to have her babies born on Friday October 23, at 36 weeks. The first baby, Luke, was born by forceps vaginal birth at 2:05pm, weighing 5lbs 2oz. The second baby, Trey, was born by c-section at 3:15pm, weighing 5lbs 8oz. Angela says: "Thanks to you and your husband, and to all those people at your church who prayed for me and my boys. They are healthy and doing well, as a result. I hope that someone finds encouragement from my story, and as a testimony that miracles do happen". Truly God is amazing!

Healing Testimony

By Helen

I had a pushed-in disk in my back and it was pressing on my spinal cord causing terrible pain. After receiving prayer at church all pain was gone.

Healing Testimony

By Aylmer Full Gospel

I had a bad sinus infection for approximately 10 days. Medication was not working at all! After being prayed for all sinus pain and pressure were gone!

Healing Testimony

By Katherine

I had a very painful knee, it was very swollen, and I had to limp. I could hardly walk.

After the ladies prayed for me the pain just went away and I walked around without limping, praise the Lord. He is truly a wonderful Saviour.

Healing Testimony

By Audrey

I had a twisted ankle (Audrey's Mom told us some muscle tissue had torn away from the bone) and I couldn't put any pressure on it. After I got prayed for by Pastor Peter and Helene I started walking with no pain. I could stand on my sore foot and jump up and down with no pain. Thank you JESUS!

Brain Tumour

By Sue DeKraker

On December 4, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Doctor’s had me booked for surgery in two weeks to have it removed. I asked for a second opinion. In London, I met a neurosurgeon who informed me that the tumour would not be removed…I was born with it.

The tumour was too large to remove. The void space of the missing tumour would cause more problems with the brain moving back into position than leaving the tumour in its place. They prescribed narcotics for the headaches (which I never took) and sent me home. Everyday I battled extreme headaches. The headaches were a lot worse when a storm was coming. Twice a year I would have a CT scan to see any changes in its size. During the summer of 2004, my headaches weren’t there anymore. It was more strange to have no headaches…the Doctor’s sent me for tests. The CT scan showed that the tumour had shrunk a little bit. That fall, September 24, I started having problems. At first, I had trouble catching my breath, and my blood pressure was low. The Doctor thought I was having allergies. By the 8th of October I couldn’t eat. Food was just turning my stomach constantly. I lost nearly 60 pounds that fall and winter. The Doctor’s could not figure out what was going on. The Allergist said not to eat peanut products or drink tea. The Internist said it was not an ulcer, or any other stomach problems. The Heart Specialist said my heart was healthy and fine. The Neurosurgeon said it was not caused from the tumour shrinking. Back to the Internist who told me nothing was wrong…and to go home. But I knew something was wrong. At this point I was living off meal replacement shakes and soup. I had no energy, and often would feel very dizzy, shaky and feel like I was going to pass out. Now it is spring of 2005, I now have 23 symptoms: All I could do was pray and cry. Most of my time was spent lying down. My friends would have to sit with me. I was afraid to be alone. I was afraid that when the shaking and dizziness started I was going to pass out and die. I was afraid to go to the Doctor’s. I was afraid of having a CT Scan/MRI done and I didn’t know why. I was never afraid before....I’ve had 100’s of Cat Scans…but I was still afraid. Summer 2005, my family Doctor called and informed me all my symptoms were listed as side effects of the brain tumour!!!!!!!!! Amazing, I have an answer. The Doctor has found a web site for brain tumours. The shaking and dizziness were from Silent Seizures! Yet, because of the size they would not remove it. Because it was shrinking my optic nerve was readjusting and causing eye problems…and hearing problems….I had to live with this! At this point I could barely even walk. August 2005, I heard of the Healing Room. I had never heard of such a thing but at this point I was willing to try anything, otherwise I knew would die. I was too young to die and I had a family with two small children. The first night of healing prayer, I walked in with 23 symptoms. dizziness, shaking, loss of appetite, trouble catching my breath, I needed reading glasses, I saw black spots everywhere, numbness in my hands and feet, memory loss, insomnia, ringing in the ears, hearing problems, low blood pressure, swollen face and hands, a lot of FEAR, and so on. Two strangers laid their hands on my head and prayed. I was so scared. My head felt like it was on fire. But, I just kept receiving. That night I walked out by myself. Half my symptoms were gone. After two more visits….all my symptoms disappeared. Now I have a dent in my skull where the tumour used to be. Thank you Jesus for saving my life, in more ways than one!!!

Susan DeKraker